Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

One Educator’s Journey

By Kathy Thirkell, 2015 Colorado Teacher of the Year

Inspiration to Teach

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I have realized that it certainly has and will continue to be a village that raises this teacher. My parents were my first teachers and certainly demonstrated to me the value of education through their...

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Advice for New Teachers

By John-David Bowman, 2015 Arizona Teacher of the Year

When I started my career as a student teacher at Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona I was put in a fortunate situation of being placed in an environment full of veteran educators. My department chair, Brian Buck, gave me lesson ideas and advice; Judith Harper, an English teacher, was that...

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The Human Side of Robotics Education

By Deb Ciochina

Robotics education has emerged as one highly visible indicator of the growing student interest in STEM programming in the schoolhouses of Crown Point, Indiana. Currently, Crown Point High School hosts six VEX Robotic teams made up of 38 students who regularly compete at the state, regional...

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Suggested Reading

Can schemes to inspire tomorrow’s scientists close the poverty attainment gap?

Pallavi Amitava Banerjee, The Conversation

Pallavi Amitava Banerjee shares her research...

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The “E” in STEM: Explicitly Teaching Engineering

By Elizabeth A. Parry

STEM has emerged as the educational priority of the 21st century, in that it aims to link deeper student learning with real-world connections and critical thinking. Literally, STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Across the educational system, however,...

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