Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Leading With One Foot In and One Foot Out

By Sarah M. Reed, 2015 Kentucky Teacher of the Year

How many of you have noticed that the expectations for the teaching profession have changed dramatically in recent years? Do you seek out innovative strategies and create interactive lessons? Do you attend oodles of professional development sessions and participate in professional learning...

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Making Beautiful Music: How to Strike the Right Notes as an Educator

By Kathy Nimmer, 2015 Indiana Teacher of the Year & National Teacher of the Year Finalist

She saved me; that’s certain. Her approach blended content knowledge, instructional strategies and other less tangible, life-changing gifts. Mrs. Linda Francisco stands as the educator who had the single most profound influence on me.

A recently retired piano and choir teacher...

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The Makings of an Effective Teacher

By Kim Zeydel, 2015 Idaho Teacher of the Year

People often wonder what makes one teacher effective and another teacher not as effective. Here are some examples of an effective teacher:

  • Passionate about the subject they teach
  • Compassionate toward their students...
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Journey to True Stardom

By Amanda (Kozak) Miliner, 2015 Georgia State Teacher of the Year

Our society today seems obsessed with fame, fortune and celebrity status. This is evidenced by the many reality television shows that seem to catapult the average “girl or guy next door” into an overnight star. Recently, my questions have been “Who are the real ‘stars’ in our culture? Who are...

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Lessons Learned

By Sarah Loomis, 2015 DoDEA Teacher of the Year

Learning lessons is a part of life, and our quest to know everything started at a young age—when learning was easily second nature. We wanted to learn how to do what we saw others doing and our curiosity fueled us to take risks and try new things. Whether that is learning to walk, run, talk,...

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