Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

The School Finance Perspective on Equity

By Ross Rubenstein, Ph.D.

A critical starting point is to recognize that equity is not synonymous with equality. In fact, equity is often very much at odds with equality because equality may represent unfairness. For example, would it be fair for all school districts to receive equal state or federal funding when...

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Quality Preschool Matters

By Ashley Preston, M.Ed.

Mark* entered preschool at three years old with limited verbal skills, behavior challenges, and a lack of basic social skills. I will never forget the day he climbed into the sand table and contently sat there playing and exploring. It was evident that he had a long way to go before he was...

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Right From the Start: Scaling Up Early Childhood Coaching

By Lindsey Allard Agnamba, Ed.D.

Many school districts and professional development entities use coaches to “tighten the connection between the training they provide in external institutes and teachers’ application of the strategies in their classrooms” [4]. To...

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Developing Executive Function: An Investment Worth Making Early

By Courtney May, M.Ed.

These skills also support positive behaviors in the classroom and in social settings, and in fact, executive functions are now found to be more important for school readiness than a student’s intelligence quotient (IQ) (Diamond & Lee, 2011).    

The Center on the...

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Success in School and in Life: It Starts at Birth

By Holly King, M.Ed.

Return on Investment

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), early brain development is strongly affected by the child’s surroundings and experiences. Children who have positive, educational early childhood experiences are more likely to experience school...

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