Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

The Poverty Paradigm (Video 1)

By Mark A. Elgart. Ed.D.

Why do kids have to go to school at the same time everyday? Why do they have to leave school at the same time every day? Why do they have to sit in classrooms in rows for 45 minutes having the exact same homework, the exact same lesson as 29 other kids? We don't, if we are willing to...

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Suggested Reading

U.S. Census Report on Poverty

The Census Bureau provides poverty data from several household surveys and programs. Here you can find poverty estimates, learn about these surveys and programs, and get...

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The Great Escape: Poverty’s Impact on Education in America

By Ebbie Parsons, Ed.D.

Sociologists have studied the household structure of students from impoverished backgrounds and how their families' needs to focus on immediate basic needs such as food and shelter have put them at a tremendous disadvantage as it inhibits their ability to prioritize education given that the...

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What Matters Now: Addressing the Nation’s Equity Challenges

By Elizabeth Foster

Every day across the country, students encounter wide and troubling variations in their school experiences. Some schools and school systems thrive by applying the latest learning science research and using evolving technologies. Others, frequently located in communities of poverty or...

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The (Dys)function of Empathy – Activating the Right Type of Empathy to Increase Equity in the Classroom

By Amanda Janssen

"Another type of teacher empathy I saw was one that sought to understand the 'why' behind success and failure and then invested in the student accordingly. The teachers who used it were driven to understand each student as an individual so that equitable accommodations could be made. It...

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