Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

An International Perspective: Teaching in 2020

By Alexia James

A decade can bring about significant change to individuals and to the world. How will a decade change education? None of us can be certain about what the future will bring, but recently a sampling of educators at AdvancED accredited institutions around the world participated in a survey* about...

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Teachers of the Future: Using New Skills to Prepare Students

By Stacey Donaldson

Teachers of the future are today’s multifaceted teachers educating and preparing students to meet the demands of the post-secondary arena and job market. Notice I didn’t mention a test. Teachers of the future will focus less on testing and more on the teaching skills that place students on a...

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Something Old, Something New: What Teachers as Assessors Must Know and Be Able to Do

By Stuart R. Kahl, Ph.D.

A variety of factors and initiatives seem to be converging to create a “perfect storm” of reform in education. Dissatisfaction with American students’ performance on international assessments, concerns about U.S. global competitiveness, the state of the economy, and evidence that many high...

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Staying in Touch with Societal Trends: Getting Students Ready for a Fast-Changing World

By Gary Marx

An interesting thing happened on the way to accomplishing our plan.

The world changed!

“Sustainability” is the word du jour. Unbelievably, some people still define “being sustainable” as “successfully defending the status quo.” To borrow alliteration from Thomas...

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CEO Message: Looking into the Future for Teachers

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

Tomorrow’s teachers are today’s middle schoolers – 7th grade students today will be teaching the next generation in 2020. They are digital natives, and they will present a learning environment that is interactive and technology rich.

This issue of AdvancED Source is focused on...

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