Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Staying in Touch with Societal Trends: Getting Students Ready for a Fast-Changing World

By Gary Marx

An interesting thing happened on the way to accomplishing our plan.

The world changed!

“Sustainability” is the word du jour. Unbelievably, some people still define “being sustainable” as “successfully defending the status quo.” To borrow alliteration from Thomas...

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CEO Message: Looking into the Future for Teachers

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

Tomorrow’s teachers are today’s middle schoolers – 7th grade students today will be teaching the next generation in 2020. They are digital natives, and they will present a learning environment that is interactive and technology rich.

This issue of AdvancED Source is focused on...

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BRAVO Educators Improve Student Learning

By Sandra Harris, Ph.D.

Nearly l.3 million students drop out of U.S. schools every year – this means 7,000 students every school day lose hope for a better life and give up on school and themselves. According to the August 2009 Issue Brief published by Alliance for Excellent Education, if schools in the United...

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Professional Learning Communities: The Key to Improved Teaching and Learning

By Dr. Rick DuFour

Wonderful news has emerged for those seeking to improve student achievement. Two different comprehensive syntheses of research on the factors impacting student learning have come to the same conclusion: the most important variable in the achievement of students is the quality of instruction they...

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Process and Tools Support Learning at all Levels

By Barbara A. Cleary, Ph.D.

As Douglas Reeves asserted in the spring 2009 issue of AdvancED Source, focusing on outcomes without examining the “how” of those outcomes is like addressing teen obesity by putting a scale in every school. The goal of reducing rates of obesity may be reached, but without any...

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