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Teaching & Learning

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Teachers of the Future: The Future of Education

Thomas Frey

Thomas Frey, founder of the DaVinci Institute, sees a radical shift beginning in the world of education within...

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Training for Transformation: Teachers, Technology, and the Third Millennium

By Tim Ham, Ed.D.

The Third Millennium is characterized by a rapid explosion of technological developments. These advances create challenges for educators and the need to develop a deeper understanding and skill set to meet the needs of future learners. In order to meet these challenges we need to encourage...

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An International Perspective: Teaching in 2020

By Alexia James

A decade can bring about significant change to individuals and to the world. How will a decade change education? None of us can be certain about what the future will bring, but recently a sampling of educators at AdvancED accredited institutions around the world participated in a survey* about...

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Teachers of the Future: Using New Skills to Prepare Students

By Stacey Donaldson

Teachers of the future are today’s multifaceted teachers educating and preparing students to meet the demands of the post-secondary arena and job market. Notice I didn’t mention a test. Teachers of the future will focus less on testing and more on the teaching skills that place students on a...

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Something Old, Something New: What Teachers as Assessors Must Know and Be Able to Do

By Stuart R. Kahl, Ph.D.

A variety of factors and initiatives seem to be converging to create a “perfect storm” of reform in education. Dissatisfaction with American students’ performance on international assessments, concerns about U.S. global competitiveness, the state of the economy, and evidence that many high...

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