Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

A New Paradigm - Putting All Students in the Driver's Seat

By Mark Siegel

Today’s students are more connected, more aware and more in touch than any earlier generation. They’re connected to technologies that personalize and empower independent learning. Developing skills to navigate the wealth of knowledge and resources available to them today; they often become their...

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Deeper Learning: The New Normal

By Monica Martinez, Ph.D.

There is growing consensus in states across the nation that the primary goal of the K–12 education system is to prepare all students to graduate from high school ready for college and careers. There is even agreement that for students to be college and career ready they need the same set of core...

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Questions to Guide Technology Integration

By Steven W. Anderson, MAEd.

Recently, I spent some time talking with the administrators in a school system nearby about technology, their vision for where they want to go and how the administrators play a key role in the development of technology practices that can have a huge impact on student learning. I asked them...

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Student Focused Learning

By Darby Carr

Today’s education system was built to standardize the way we teach and test. This worked well when most students would progress from school to an industrial job. However, students are expected to perform more complex tasks in today’s workplace, when the current education system does not...

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Portable Records and Learner Profiles

By John Bailey, Samuel Casey Carter, Carri Schneider, Ed.D. and Tom Vander Ark

This article is a summary of Data Backpacks: Portable Records & Learner Profiles, one of the papers in the DLN Smart Series produced by Digital Learning Now! in partnership with ExcelinEd and Getting Smart. The series was created to provide specific guidance regarding adoption of...

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