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Teaching & Learning

Student Engagement

Supporting Student Engagement in State Accountability and Improvement Systems under the Every Student Succeeds Act

By Jessica Cardichon and Linda Darling-Hammond, Ed.D.

The primary goal of K–12 education should be to empower young people to reach their full potential. Meeting this goal requires an inclusive and supportive learning environment designed to meet the promise for each and every child. The passage of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act in 2001 was...

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Reading for Engagement

Reading for Engagement: How an emphasis on literacy can motivate students and transform school culture—and results

By Cynthia Greenleaf, Ph.D., and Ruth Schoenbach, M.A.

When we look at most middle and high school classrooms, it turns out that the problems students face in reading for understanding are not driven by any innate inability to learn on their part but by teaching in ways that do not foster critical thinking, reading and writing as central to subject-...

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Weaving Key Elements of Student Engagement into the Fabric of Schools

By Teri Dary, Terry Pickeral, Rob Schumer and Anderson Williams

In the context of our work on dropout prevention, we have seen the essential role student engagement plays.[1] It seems common sense that the more students are engaged, the more they will see the relevance of their...

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Student Engagement

A Recipe for Student Engagement

By Lejla Maley

The meals do not always (or ever) turn out like the picture, but the accomplishment of completing the challenge plus the joy of creating and blending something new while also learning is stimulating and fun.

Much like culinary arts, teaching has and continues to evolve. “Education is...

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Flip the Paradigm (Video 3)

By Mark A. Elgart. Ed.D.

View "Flip The Paradigm," the third in the three part Education Advantage video series.


The Education Advantage video series:

Part 1: The Poverty Paradigm


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