Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Finding the Genius in Students with Significant Cognitive Disability

Finding the Genius in Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

By Robin Meyers, Ph.D.

About Lake Hills School

Lake Hills School is the Exceptional Student Education Center School for Lake County, Florida, which serves students with significant cognitive disabilities (SwSCD) ages 3–22. All of the classrooms at Lake Hills School are self-contained meaning the classes are...

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Speaking a Common Language

Speaking a Common Language

By Matthew Gushta, Ph.D.

Getting our Terms Straight

One difficulty lies in the various terms educators, policy makers, and other leaders use when they discuss an assessment program or system. In our experience, we’ve learned that talking about different types of assessment can lead to a “Who’s on first?”...

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Early Childhood Assessments

Early Childhood Assessment

By Holly King, Ph.D.

In addition, early childhood assessment identifies the need for intervention or support services due to developmental delays or other risk factors influencing typical development. Finally, assessment supports programs in evaluating the effectiveness of learning environments, curriculum and...

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Suggested Reading

What are Formative Assessments and Why Should We Use Them?

by Judith Dodge

Check out these teacher friendly tips from...

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Did We Do That? Evaluating the Impact of Turnaround Efforts

By Jeffery Harding, Ph.D.

“If we do A,” they say, “B will get better.” Sometimes they are right, at least partially. B may in fact get better. The problem is that, in many cases, B gets better without A having anything to do with it. Because we said A...

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