Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Did We Do That? Evaluating the Impact of Turnaround Efforts

By Jeffery Harding, Ph.D.

“If we do A,” they say, “B will get better.” Sometimes they are right, at least partially. B may in fact get better. The problem is that, in many cases, B gets better without A having anything to do with it. Because we said A...

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Leadership for Change: Leveraging Small Wins to Move a District Forward

By Jane Feinberg, M.J.

In 2011, Lawrence Public Schools (LPS) in Massachusetts became the first school district in the Commonwealth to enter state receivership. At the time, the district ranked in the bottom one percent of districts across the state. The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education...

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eProve surveys

Measuring Student Engagement with eProve surveys

By Matt Dawson, Ph.D. and Mike McGill, Ph.D.

Research has shown a strong relationship between student engagement and a variety of student success outcomes (e.g., Fredricks et al.,2004; Parsons et al., 2013). For example, Finn and Rock (1997) found that low-income minority students who were observed as engaged, were more likely to be...

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AdvancED Launches STEM Certification Pilot

By Dr. Vicki Denmark

Imagine this as a typical day in an elementary, middle or high school: Elementary students working in collaborative groups to design rollercoasters with simple, everyday materials to learn about force and motion. High school and middle school teachers facilitating student-led discussions and...

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Helping All Students Succeed: A Plan to Narrow the Achievement Gap in STEM Education

By Dr. Jeff C. Marshall

If we are purposeful and intentional in our actions, we can begin to narrow the achievement gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classrooms. The study, “Effective, Sustained Inquiry-Based Instruction Promotes Higher Science Proficiency Among All Groups” published in the...

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