Learning Environments

Learning Environments

Student-centered Learning Powered by Technology

By Tim Hudson, Ph.D.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of teaching is effectively reaching all learners. With 20, 30 or even 40 students in their classrooms, elementary teachers have the daunting task of meeting every student right where they are, supporting progress toward grade-level standards and cultivating...

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A New Paradigm for Student Learners

By Terry Doyle and Brendan Doyle

Twenty years ago, Change: The Magazine for Higher Learning published John Tagg and Bob Barr’s seminal article “From Teaching to Learning.” In the article, Tagg and Barr outlined what has come to be known as Learner Centered Teaching (LCT). By definition, LCT employs instructive...

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SE2R Can Revolutionize How We Assess Learning

By Mark Barnes

A student and teacher huddle around a laptop computer. The student clicks an Internet tab, and her classroom website fills the monitor. She opens one page that contains a reading project and another with embedded media, including a narrated slide show. Another click and she introduces her...

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Analyzing Results from AdvancED’s Classroom Observation Tool

Matt Dawson, Ph.D.

In 2012, the Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool™ (eleot™) became an integral part of both AdvancED® Accreditation and Diagnostic Reviews. Given the widespread use of eleot, the AdvancED research team has collected and analyzed data from more than...

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Debra Howe, Ph.D.

In the The World is Flat, Friedman (2005) notes that students acquire the skills and commitment for lifelong learning so as to be “really adaptable.” “Really adaptable” workers are resilient, patient, adaptable, persistent and responsible. They are self-directed learners with...

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