Learning Environments

Learning Environments

The Creation of One Learner Centric Learning Environment

By Arnold Langberg

I have been involved in the creation of learner-centric public high schools throughout my professional career, in Colorado and in New York. Described below is the beginning of one such school in a Colorado school system in 1975. The school continues to this day, although I have been gone from it...

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Transforming Schools through Expanded Learning Time

By Roy Chan

Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School (OGPS) opened in 2003 amidst much fanfare. Its $30 million building represented a large-scale effort to revitalize one of Boston’s poorest communities. But for its first seven years, OGPS was plagued by low academic performance and high staff turnover. From 2003...

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Blogging in the 21st-Century Classroom

Michelle Lampinen, Edutopia

High school English teacher, Michelle Lampinen shares her initiative to...

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STEM Curricular Designs for an Information Age

By Catherine Saldutti

When you visit a middle or high school science classroom, what do you see? You may see students working on tablets or laptops, a teacher projecting the latest NASA images on the interactive white board, or a laboratory filled with probes and other gadgets. Does this mean you’ve entered a...

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The Heart: An Underused Tool for Digital Learning

By Angela Maiers

“One of the enduring difficulties about technology and education is that
a lot of people think about the technology first and the education later.”

Dr. Martha Stone Wiske

“The only feature that I am looking for in...

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