Leaders Creating a Culture for All Students to Learn at a High Levels

By Rosemarye T. Taylor

Improving student achievement as measured by standardized assessments is realized when the district and school leadership creates an organizational culture committed to all students learning at a high level. This means that all students—English language learners (ELL), special education students...

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Building Strong School Cultures Through Intensified Leadership

By Sharon D. Kruse, Ph.D. and Karen Seashore Louis, Ph.D.

Principals know that creating a school culture that ensures positive outcomes for students is not easily done. They also understand that creating a strong school culture requires an “all hands on deck” approach to meeting the needs of the school community—culture cannot be created or changed by...

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Actions of Effective Leaders

By Brian A. McNulty, Ph.D.

What I have outlined below are five specific actions that leaders must take if they want to make improvement in their schools and districts. Before identifying these five actions however I need to address one system-wide concern that that must be addressed first.

Of all of the potential...

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