Educational Change

Educational Change

How World of Warcraft Saved Me and My Education

By Erik N. Martin

I am not a teacher, administrator, instructional specialist or assessment expert. I am a student; one of the least heard voices in the education reform movement, though it is a movement that has been forged for the sake of my generation and those following. As a student, I can share what I know...

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Reinventing the Report Card

By Kyle L. Peck, Ph.D.

A “perfect storm” is accelerating the pace of change in education at both the K-12 and higher education levels. Stimulated by technologies that are ever more powerful, more available and less expensive, as well as new standards, global competition, increasing costs, more and better data on...

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Getting Students Ready for a Fast-Changing World

By Gary Marx

We will not be able to simply ride our way into the future.  We’ll have to invent our way into the future.

As we moved headlong into the Great Recession, Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, declared, “The economic crisis doesn’t represent a cycle.  It represents a reset....

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Learning that Connects

By Mimi Ito, Ph.D.

When my daughter was a sophomore in high school and was having a rough week at school, struggling to get through her accelerated academic work, she decided to stay off Tumblr for a week. She’s pretty active on Tumblr, her social media platform of choice. When she tells me her plan to avoid it...

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The Unique Policy Opportunities Afforded by Today’s Funding Challenges

By Kenneth Bergman

As the nation continues to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, it is becoming abundantly clear that the funding levels of our nation’s schools are not going to return to pre-recession levels. This funding crisis presents an unprecedented opportunity to recreate the...

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