Educational Change

Educational Change

CEO Message: Who is Accountable for Student Success?

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

When discussing education today, it’s difficult to escape the topic of accountability. Educators and legislators alike have perspectives and priorities regarding accountability – from how to change the current system, to teacher evaluations, to measuring student achievement and to who is...

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Surviving the New Age of Accountability

By Jacquelyn A. Jacobson

The first day of school for the Wickenburg Unified School District was August 8th – August 8th at 8:00 a.m., to be specific. At precisely 8:10 a.m., during a record heat wave in Arizona, the air conditioning units in Wickenburg High School went down. On the same day, we enrolled 100 more...

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Defining Learner Success in the Digital Age

By Ludy van Broekhuizen, Ph.D.

According to Buckminster Fuller (1981), who first identified the “Knowledge Doubling Curve” and is recognized for the invention of the geodesic dome, human knowledge doubled approximately every century until around 1900, but by the end of World War II was doubling every 25 years. Although the...

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“You Say You Want a Revolution”

By Fred Bramante

John Lennon’s immortal words apply to our quest to redesign America’s education system. One that is better for all stakeholders, especially our students. Our challenge: How do we extract ourselves from this century plus, time-based dinosaur of a public education system that we find ourselves...

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It’s not Complicated — But it’s Seriously Difficult

By David M. Steiner, Ph.D.

Given the highly favorable reviews and rave blurbs from such diverse figures as former New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, one might think that Angela Ripley’s new book on education around the world, The Smartest Kids in...

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