Educational Change

Educational Change

The Creation of One Learner Centric Learning Environment

By Arnold Langberg

I have been involved in the creation of learner-centric public high schools throughout my professional career, in Colorado and in New York. Described below is the beginning of one such school in a Colorado school system in 1975. The school continues to this day, although I have been gone from it...

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CEO Message: Defining Learner-Centric

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

More and more educators are embracing the concept of learner-centric, but do we really know what it means? Do we have a common definition that can guide our work and ensure that genuine implementation of learner-centric educational environments is understood and shared by all?

I would...

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Suggested Reading

Transforming School Culture

By Joseph Roy and David Piperato

According to the authors, the biggest challenge confronting school leaders is actually transforming...

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Understanding the Framework for Change

By Anthony Muhammad, Ph.D.

In order to start to adequately understand a phenomenon and affect a phenomenon, the development of a theoretical framework is necessary.  E.P. Thompson wrote; “Reality is too complex to fully capture in abstractions.  Every study selects particular aspects of the world to emphasize,...

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The Road to Meeting Individual Learners' Needs

By Patricia F. Deklotz

The charge to “transform the educational delivery system to better and more efficiently meet the needs of all students” has been the quest of the Kettle Moraine School District since I began serving as superintendent in this high achieving, blue-ribbon school system over five years ago. What is...

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