Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

What a Continuously Improving System Looks Like

Key features include:

  • Learning supports (materials and professional development) for the continuous improvement of curriculum, teaching, assessment and student support strategies;
  • Information systems for keeping track of...
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What a Continuous Improvement Accountability System Needs to Do

Accountability systems should be designed to emphasize equilibrium, balancing school responsibility to do what states require with state responsibility to provide needed resources and support in schools.[7]


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Continuous Improvement and Accountability

Though continuous improvement processes are not new in education practice, they are relatively new in the state policy arena. In the past, state-level strategies for improving educational outcomes at the school and system levels were driven by federal and state requirements and centered largely...

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Moving to a Next-Generation Accountability System

Expedience should not lead us to recreate what we had or choose indicators based on what is easiest to measure. We need to create a system that gathers information about all aspects of what schools do (from teaching and learning to resource allocation to governance), reveals root causes of...

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AdvancED Launches STEM Certification Pilot

By Dr. Vicki Denmark

Imagine this as a typical day in an elementary, middle or high school: Elementary students working in collaborative groups to design rollercoasters with simple, everyday materials to learn about force and motion. High school and middle school teachers facilitating student-led discussions and...

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