Seven Levels of Accountability for Student Success

By Sharon Riley Ordu, Ed.D. and P. Augustine Ordu, Ph.D.

With No Child Left Behind (NCLB) off the table for at least 32 states in the U.S., accountability measures will be left to states and local school systems. NCLB has been clear about closing achievement gaps between groups of students considered at risk. To ensure that there is an ongoing focus...

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How States Can Meet the Challenge of College and Career Readiness

By Terry Holliday, Ph.D. and Susan Allred

Continuous Improvement Approach

It seems simple enough. All states need to do to meet the challenge of college and career readiness for all students is to align all the systems that support the goal. After all, systems alignment is a business principle that has been...

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Reputation, Re-enrollment, Results

By Derek J. Keenan, Ed.D

The late Stephen M. R. Covey, in his 2006 book The Speed of Trust, notes that in a high-trust ethos, everything is more efficient. Covey builds this theme throughout the book with the idea that leaders of organizations have the power, the responsibility and the ability to engender high...

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Strengthening Teacher Evaluation in the Age of Accountability

By Sabrina Laine, Ph.D and Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt, Ph.D

Teacher accountability in the United States is in a period of transformation. In July 2012, the 26th state received an Elementary and Secondary Education Act Flexibility Waiver, marking relief for more than half of the states from many of the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. In...

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Key Trends and Implications for Elementary and Secondary Educators and Policy Makers

By Arthur L. Coleman

Accountability is a loaded term. Although it can mean many different things to different people, in the elementary and secondary context, the term has come to represent a set of expectations and obligations associated with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) – which has provided the...

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