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A Whitepaper by Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

Under the era of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) accountability, too much focus was placed on a single measure—student assessment. Rather than sparking higher performance for all students, schools focused on low-performing students, and federally mandated sanctions...

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STEM Graduates Not Workforce Ready? Employers Should Look in the Mirror as to Why

By Dr. Robert N. Charette

For well over a decade, business groups and politicians of all stripes have been strongly decrying the dearth of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students in the United States. This deficiency, they assert, imperils the United States’ position as a global economic and military...

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How Do We Improve Elementary Math Education? It Starts in High School.

By Dr. Linda Griffin

Like me, most middle and high school mathematics teachers are keenly aware of our role in preparing the next generation of STEM professionals—engineers, health care workers, biologists, chemists and statisticians. However, few of us spend much time thinking about how we prepare the most...

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Getting Accountability Right: Principles and Policies for a New Era

By Douglas Reeves, Ph.D.

Educational policy critics now gather, with echoes of the funeral oration for Cease, not to praise the No Child Left Behind Act, but to bury it. That this legislation passed eight years ago with more Democratic than Republican votes is now only a little-remembered footnote. The conventional...

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Transition to a Catholic School District

By Francine Conway and Mary Elizabeth Rhodes

The journey from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) model of our past to recognition by AdvancED as a School District has been an evolving process for the Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Richmond, VA. Having the distinction of being the first Catholic diocese to...

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