The Future of Assessment
Winter 2019

The Future of Assessment

The Future of Assessment: Testing Should be About Learning

CEO Message

Testing Should be About Learning

Far too often school success is by chance, dependent upon what family you were born into or where you live. For the states, districts, and schools we work with, improvement is more than just testing and collecting data, and school quality is about more than how good one school is compared to one down the street or even across the world. It’s about helping a student improve in their learning so that he or she is prepared and ready for their future. Schools need help in understanding and navigating forward from improving what they do each and every day to understanding the results they're getting with learners.

We know we can measure what kids learn. We know we can measure the teaching and learning factors that determine whether schools are effective. The challenge lies in knowing how assessment and school quality come together to inform and guide improvement efforts in a way that helps a child learn better. While high-quality balanced assessments for accountability remain necessary, the promise of the future lies in providing assessments to help children learn. 

What we must do is solve a longstanding problem in education—how to actually help students improve their learning. In this edition of The Source, we look at the Future of Assessment:

Schools are struggling to acquire purposeful and meaningful knowledge that has evaded them. They want to understand how data and evidence come together in a way that actionable steps can be taken in the classroom so that every individual child’s needs are met. Today’s challenges in improving learning are tomorrow’s opportunity for innovation.