STEM Placement Guide

STEM Placement Guide

How can AdvancED support my school’s STEM journey?

At AdvancED we believe that all schools can improve and find success. However, the ways that we define success will differ as much as the paths we take in getting there. For this reason, we do not approach improvement from a “one size fits all” perspective. Instead, we strive to deliver the support that will best address your needs as you continue on your improvement journey.

For STEM schools and programs, this means guiding some on the pathway toward STEM certification, while others may want and need other forms of support. AdvancED offers a range of training and services, in addition to STEM Certification, to ensure that we are meeting you where you are in your STEM journey. The STEM Placement Guide is designed to facilitate a deeper conversation between your school and AdvancED staff in supporting your next steps for STEM.

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What does stakeholder engagement look like in your school?
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