Early Learning Accreditation

Early Learning Accreditation

Clear Benefits

We know that children who receive high-quality early childhood education are better prepared to succeed in elementary and secondary classrooms. 

Children actively engaged in early learning programs: 

  • are more social, 
  • earn better grades,
  • require less or need no special education instruction later in school, 
  • improve their attention spans,
  • are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college,
  • exhibit fewer behavioral problems and
  • are less likely to become involved with crime in later years.

But more importantly, these children are better positioned for long term success.

High Expectations

AdvancED is deeply committed to the care and education of all young children. We hold our accredited early learning schools accountable to high quality educational and childcare standards focused on teaching and learning as well as health and safety, providing families guidance in finding exceptional programs for their children. The AdvancED Standards for Quality Early Learning Schools support learning, growth and development of young children in a culture of continuous improvement that engages leaders, staff and parents.

Strong Foundation

Parents know that early learning schools awarded AdvancED Accreditation not only meet educational standards, but also provide the safe, encouraging and nurturing environment so critical to the development of young children. Put simply, early learning schools that have earned AdvancED Accreditation meet recognized standards of quality, impact children’s lifelong learning and support young children in the highest regard. AdvancED Performance Accreditation for Early Learning Schools motivates schools to continuously improve on behalf of the young children they serve.

The Early Learning Engagement Review

Experience the accreditation process in action by serving on an Early Learning Engagement Review. As an engagement review team member, you will:

  • Capture ideas and best practices that benefit your own professional work in early learning
  • Enhance your teamwork, facilitation and leadership skills
  • Broaden your professional network.

This no-cost professional learning experience offers an invaluable opportunity for you to contribute your expertise and experience for the betterment of early learning schools.

The Early Learning Engagement Review Experience