Schools Must be AdvancED® Accredited to offer an American High School Diploma in Egypt

Schools Must be AdvancED® Accredited to offer an American High School Diploma in Egypt

Diplomats, NGO aid workers, or expats with children living in Egypt now have access to the same quality education children have in America.

Alpharetta, Ga. (September 24, 2018)— Imagine you are a high school student with excellent grades and qualifications, but are not able to attend college because your diploma was not earned at an accredited high school. This is the reality for students around the world, every year. AdvancED | Measured Progress has signed an agreement to provide accreditation, assessment and continuous improvement services to the Egyptian Ministry of Education and Technical Education.

AdvancED® is now the only Ministry of Education approved accrediting agency qualified to accredit high school students who study the American curriculum and earn an American Diploma in Egypt.

“A diploma has little value unless it is a true mark of achievement based on quality schooling and is recognized globally,” said Dr. Mark Elgart, president and CEO of AdvancED | Measured Progress. “AdvancED Accredited American Diplomas are recognized internationally and in America as a validation of student performance and school quality.”

For years schools with questionable quality and dubious accreditations were popping up in Egypt opening American or International Schools with no independent mark of quality or standards for performance.

Accreditation is a broadly recognized requirement for American students attending domestic and foreign universities, and international students who attend U.S. colleges. AdvancED Accreditation is recognized around the world:

  • AdvancED Accreditation is required for an American Diploma and approved for International Diplomas in Egypt
  • Graduates with an American Diploma must be AdvancED Accredited for admission to an Egyptian University
  • The American system of education in Egypt adheres to the same quality standards as in the United States
  • Specific AdvancED processes and guidelines that fit Egypt’s culture and environment with an emphasis on effective program delivery and the preservation of the host country’s culture.

AdvancED Accreditation standards, which are recognized as a mark of quality the world over, and AdvancED | Measured Progress assessment tools will ensure American and international programs in Egypt reflect the same quality as those in the U.S. and other parts of the world. With this agreement, the Egyptian Ministry approved criteria for American schools in Egypt to ensure and promote education quality and continuous school improvement.

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