AdvancED Sponsors Worldreader Kit

AdvancED Sponsors Worldreader Kit

Alpharetta, GA, May 31, 2013 – AdvancED is partnering with two global-reaching, non-profit organizations to help students at Mdatya Primary School in South Africa learn to read. The school, located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, educates students ranging from ages six to 12 years. AdvancED has provided the school with a Worldreader Kit containing 50 e-readers each loaded with 100 e-books for a total of 5,000 digital books, as well as training materials, guides, and technical support.

AdvancED is working with the Matthew E. Russell Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich learning environments through the use of media and technology, and Worldreader, a non-profit that makes digital books available to children and their families in the developing world, to create an opportunity to enhance the lives of students in South Africa through digital learning.

“The use of digital technology unlocks the ability of every student to personalize and customize the learning experience. Digital technology also offers an opportunity to expand learning and foster a love of education for each and every student. This is why AdvancED is proud to partner with two organizations that share our mission of transforming education and improving the learning experience for students around the world,” said Mark A. Elgart, President and CEO of AdvancED.

Mark Fender, Director of IT Operations for AdvancED, along with Willie Russell, founder of the Matthew E. Russell Foundation, travelled to South Africa to present the Worldreader Kit to the school. Prior to the trip, Russell presented Elgart with a Certificate of Appreciation for AdvancED’s support of the e-reader project.

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