AdvancED Introduces New Evaluation System To Help Districts Accurately Measure and Compare School Performance, Spark Continuous Improvement

AdvancED Introduces New Evaluation System To Help Districts Accurately Measure and Compare School Performance, Spark Continuous Improvement

ATLANTA, GA, February 25, 2014 – To help schools and school districts gain a deeper understanding of their effectiveness across all areas of operation, AdvancED® has introduced a new formative evaluation system and analytic tools that provide school leaders with actionable information to spur improvement. The innovative new evaluation framework measures institutional effectiveness across more than 40 criteria in three areas—the impact on teaching and learning, the capacity of the institution to provide effective leadership, and the effectiveness of resource allocation to support teaching and learning.  

Based on student performance data; site reviews of expert evaluation teams; and stakeholder feedback from surveys of students, parents, administrators, teachers and staff, AdvancED’s  Index of Education Quality™ (IEQ™) was established to help school leaders access a broad array of data and information.  This comprehensive assessment helps institutions understand and address the root causes of challenges in their schools.

“For too many years, institutions have been judged based upon disparate and unrelated test scores and other summative data points that fail to paint an accurate, holistic picture of the quality of an institution,” said Dr. Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D., president and CEO of AdvancED. “These scores have been used to target schools for punitive interventions but provide no useful information to help them make needed changes. The IEQ supplements current accountability measures with in-depth diagnostic information school officials can act on to guide sustainable progress and improvement.”

The IEQ system was implemented in districts at the beginning of this school year. The first institutions receiving an IEQ score will be those schools and school systems that completed external reviews as part of the AdvancED accreditation process in the fall of 2013.  Effective immediately, all schools and school systems in the AdvancED network will receive an IEQ score upon completion of their external review.  In the near future, AdvancED will enable schools and school systems to benchmark their IEQ scores against other institutions, or a subset of institutions, across its vast network.  Schools will be able to track their progress longitudinally with similar schools, others within their own school systems, and against national averages and international performance data from schools in 70 nations.

“Using the IEQ, schools and school systems have the opportunity to focus their attention on those activities that yield positive impacts and measurable improvements designed to optimize learning for every student,” said Elgart. “As institutions document these changes and submit them for review, their IEQ scores are updated to reflect this progress and guide the next steps on their improvement journey.”

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