AdvancED Improvement Network Expands Beyond Accreditation Revamps to Launch New Continuous Improvement System

AdvancED Improvement Network Expands Beyond Accreditation Revamps to Launch New Continuous Improvement System

AdvancED launches Continuous Improvement System (CIS), expanding the suite of products, services and solutions provided to its global network. CIS sets the foundation for expansion of the organization’s mission creating new opportunities to serve institutions beyond accreditation.

ALPHARETTA, GA— February 9, 2017—AdvancED launches new Continuous Improvement System (CIS) to create opportunities to expand beyond accreditation services thereby empowering education institutions to take ownership of their own improvement journey. The AdvancED Continuous Improvement System is a framework for data-informed school improvement and effectiveness that will guide institutions toward a more personalized and customized improvement journey. The organization’s existing 34,000 education institutions are now members of the AdvancED Improvement Network, a powerful global network that offers exclusive access to research-based tools and services for institutions committed to continuous improvement.

AdvancED’s Continuous Improvement System offers schools and school systems a roadmap that features a personalized and customized process that will guide members on their improvement journey. This includes unlimited access to School Quality Factors and a comprehensive suite of aligned tools and resources, as well as training, support and professional services to help institutions engage in a meaningful improvement journey. Members of the AdvancED Improvement Network will gain use of the full suite of tools available in the eProve™ platform, including the eProve™ Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool® (eleot®), which previously was purchased separately.

"AdvancED recognizes that school improvement is a journey, and not all institutions start or end at the same place,” said Dr. Mark Elgart, president and CEO of AdvancED. “Now institutions can gain access to our powerful network of continuous improvement solutions regardless of where they are on their improvement journey or whether they choose AdvancED accreditation.” The goal is to improve schools with a learner-centric focus while using continuous improvement as the guiding force.

Institutions like the value of having a comprehensive and personalized solution with the added bonus of ongoing professional and support services. With a new tiered approach to engagement, the Continuous Improvement System provides an opportunity for AdvancED to serve institutions beyond accreditation, and at the same time, elevating accreditation as a valuable solution. With a focus on the Continuous Improvement System, all schools in the AdvancED Improvement Network can benefit, whether they are in turnaround or are performing well but have a need for more nuanced improvement that takes their performance to a new level.

Institutions will also be able to choose their level of engagement and customize an experience that may or may not include accreditation, and other add-on services such as STEM Certification or Diagnostic Review based on where they are on their improvement journey.

AdvancED has an array of school improvement solutions that make the continuous improvement journey an even more beneficial and empowering experience for members. Moving forward, institutions around the world, regardless of their accreditation status or interest in pursuing AdvancED accreditation, will be encouraged to join the AdvancED Improvement Network and leverage the AdvancED Continuous Improvement System to elevate and improve the quality of education they provide all students. The framework for the Continuous Improvement System includes a number of customizable school improvement solutions such as:


Engagement & Evaluation Services

Professional Services

Professional Learning


Diagnostic Review &

Improvement Services

Leadership Assessments

eleot® Sweeps

Early Intervention Services

STEM Certification

Capacity Building

Progress Monitoring

Custom Content and

Solution Development





Online Training

Customized Training


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