Frequently Asked Questions About eleot®


What is the eleot®?
The eProve™ Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool® (eleot®)  is a learner-centric classroom observation tool that comprises 28 items organized in seven environments aligned with the AdvancED Standards and Indicators and based on a review of widely used observation instruments and the most current research on effective learning. The eleot provides useful, relevant, structured, and quantifiable data on the extent to which students are engaged in activities and/or demonstrate knowledge, attitudes, and/or dispositions that are conducive to effective learning.

The environments are:

  • Equitable Learning
  • High Expectations
  • Supportive Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Progress Monitoring and Feedback
  • Well-Managed Learning
  • Digital Learning

What are learning environments?
A learning environment means the context in which student learning occurs within a classroom setting. The eleot captures multiple learning environments under seven broader themes: equitable learning, high expectations, supportive learning, active learning, progress monitoring and feedback, well-managed learning, and digital learning.

What makes the eleot different from other classroom observation tools?
The eleot,

  • Focuses observations on the most important educational stakeholder: the student/learner.
  • Is an intuitive and easy to use, educator-friendly tool.
  • Does not require face-to-face training or multiple-day professional development.
  • Has online, asynchronous training modules and an online inter-rater reliability certification process.
  • Encourages and recommends that observers ask students about aspects of their classroom experience to gather more evidence that then informs the observers’ ratings.

In what ways can the eleot be used?
The eleot provides an aggregate picture of classrooms across an entire school but also can be used formatively and reflectively at grade level, in content-specific ways (e.g., to gather data on students’ application of new math concepts), longitudinally for a specific classroom, or in other ways based on the needs of the user or school.

Is the eleot a tool to evaluate or measure individual teacher performance or quality?
The tool was developed for the purposes of understanding to what degree students are engaged in their learning through the lens of various contexts or environments and not to gather data or evaluate a teacher’s performance. However, the data collected on student engagement can inform how well the teacher plans and facilitates learning experiences that promote student engagement.

What is included in the system solution?
The eleot system administrator has access to each of the licensed schools, including the ability to upload teacher rosters, assign observers, conduct observations, view reports and export observation data in order to aggregate it offline, and conduct system-wide analysis.


Is there a limit to the number of people who can conduct observations in my school/system?
No. Each eleot license includes unlimited users, observations, reports and other functions. Each license includes certified training, which is encouraged but not required. Additional training can be purchased.

What is the expected length of time for the observation?
Observations are conducted for a minimum of 20 minutes. Observing for a longer period of time is optimal but not required.

Can notes be captured in eleot during the observation process?
Yes. In addition to item ratings, notes can be recorded at both the item and observation level.

Do I need an Internet connection to conduct observations with the app?
No. Once logged into the eleot app, observations can be conducted without an internet connection. The app automatically saves your work even when you are not connected and syncs when you reopen the app in a connected environment.

Can I upload a faculty roster?
Yes. The eleot administrative functions allow you to upload a roster of instructor names and email addresses. Observers pick instructor names from a list inside the app, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Can observation results be exported?
Yes. Authorized eleot administrators can export raw observation data into a comma-separated value (CSV) file using the reporting feature.

What report types are available?
An observation summary report is available. It can be filtered on any combination of grade level(s), subject(s), instructor(s), observer(s), lesson segment(s) and/or date(s). This summary report can be viewed on screen, printed, saved as a PDF or exported into a CSV file in either stacked or unstacked format.

Who can see our eleot results?
Individual observation results are visible only to the observer and authorized eleot administrators for that institution. AdvancED does not maintain or track data from individual observation results. AdvancED uses only aggregated, de-identified eleot data for research and product development purposes.

Does eleot support other languages?
Currently, the eleot app and all associated functions and reporting are available in English. A hardcopy version of eleot is available in Spanish. Please contact our Help Desk at 888.413.3669, ext. 5720 or for more information.

Does AdvancED provide eleot support?
Yes. For assistance or questions about eleot, please contact our Help Desk at or call 888.413.3669, ext. 5720.

Can I send feedback to the teacher from the app once the observation is complete?
Yes, you can email the Observation PDF directly to the Instructor. In the Observation Details, under the date, start and end time, select Email PDF to Instructor, and select the items you would like included. You also can download the PDF or send a copy to yourself.


What kind of training is available for eleot?
Each eleot license includes a complimentary registration for the eleot online, asynchronous training and certification course. This in-depth training provides both text and video examples of the environments measured by eleot. To become eleot certified, one must complete a 20-minute virtual classroom observation via video provided in the online certification course and obtain a minimum of 90% agreement with expert ratings.

AdvancED experts are also available to provide face-to-face eleot training and workshops. Contact AdvancED at to discuss additional training needs.

Is training required to use eleot?
The eleot app is intuitive and user-friendly; however, we do encourage users to become eleot certified, as the training will enhance the tool effectiveness. Being a certified observer ensures that you have the knowledge and skill level to conduct valid and reliable observations using eleot and to accurately rate each item in the seven environments with minimal observer bias. Users are certified after successful completion of the training.

How do I participate in eleot certification training?
Users with administrator permissions can purchase and assign eleot training to individuals under Manage Users in the app. Each eleot license includes a complimentary training seat.

Do all observers have to be certified?
No, but to ensure the validity and reliability of your observations, AdvancED highly recommends that all observers be certified. However, for all AdvancED review processes (including external accreditation, diagnostic and special reviews), observer certification is a requirement.

Can additional online eleot training be purchased?
Yes. Additional training seats can be purchased from the Manage Users page on the eleot administrator panel at any time for a cost of $75 per additional registration.

How do I access the online eleot training and certification course?
You will receive an automated email with login information from Canvas once an eleot administrator has assigned you to online training. If you do not receive or misplace the email, access the training course at: by entering your email address and ASSIST password. Need assistance?


Are the items aligned with the AdvancED Standards and Indicators?
Yes. All items are aligned to one or more of AdvancED’s Standards.

Can eleot results be used as Engagement Review evidence for our accreditation process?
Yes. The eleot results provide Engagement Review Teams with valuable observation data that provide a picture of the collective learning environments across a school or system. The results can be used to corroborate information obtained from interviews, artifacts or evidence, student performance data, and stakeholder feedback data. Schools also can use eleot after their Engagement Review to implement their Improvement Priorities as a part of their continuous improvement process.


Is there research on eleot?
Yes. The eleot was developed by an internal and external group of educators who examined research related to effective classrooms as well as different measures of effective teacher practice. A published whitepaper provides an analysis of the data of over 45,000 direct classroom observations as well as their results.

What does AdvancED do with eleot data?
AdvancED conducts regular psychometric analyses of eleot data to ensure that the observation tool is performing as designed, to guide recommendations for future enhancements, and to confirm the reliability and validity of the measure’s ability to accurately reflect classroom practices across a school on a given day. The result of extended psychometric review reveals that the performance of eleot is robust across multiple subjects and grades as well as across multiple environments. In the future, the AdvancED research team will examine the relationship of eleot scores to other global outcomes of interest including student academic, social/emotional and behavior outcomes. AdvancED will use only aggregated, de-identified eleot data for research and product development purposes. AdvancED does not maintain or track data from individual observation results.

Is eleot a valid and reliable tool?
In order for observation data to provide accurate results, high levels of validity and reliability must be maintained. AdvancED follows the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (SEPT) to ensure that observations meet stringent criteria and to ensure ethical use and maximal utility. To date, data collected from over 45,000 classroom observations has established the overall reliability and validity of eleot related to test content, response processes and construct validity. Face validity based on test content has been established through expert judgments of the theoretical relationship between the seven environments and the 30 items describing aspects of those environments. The overall reliability of the measure is .94 using Cronbach’s Alpha, which is considered a very strong level of reliability. To assess construct validity, a confirmatory factor analysis of the measure revealed the root mean square error of approximation (RMSEA) as .068 indicating an adequate fit of the model to the data.

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