Analyst, Global Services

Analyst, Global Services 

Work Location: Tempe, AZ
FT/PT Classification: Full Time

Position Summary

The Analyst, Global Services provides high-level administrative support in an organized, efficient and accurate manner. The Analyst supports the work of Global Services with knowledge, leadership and expertise related to the collection, validation and use of high quality data, information and processes, and develops effective workflow plans, sets focused priorities, and meets or exceeds established deadlines for a varying workload. Under the direct supervision of the Senior Director, the Analyst is detail oriented, analytical and organized. A successful Analyst manages the workflow, ensures accuracy, quality and support for various aspects of the organization’s operations, including marketing, conferences, finance and Regional Commissions. The Analyst also oversees and ensures accuracy with databases, statuses, standard operating procedures, calendars and correspondence to enhance the Global Services processes, providing continuous support to enhance AdvancED’s impact on schools and systems.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain clean, accurate data for all Global institutions engaged in accreditation. 
  • Support the Global Services staff.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Director to ensure systemic procedures are implemented with quality and accuracy.
  • Provide supportive and ongoing communication with institutions, including correspondence, webinars and supporting materials. 
  • Monitor and ensure accuracy (data), within Salesforce, for all Accredited and non-Accredited statuses. 
  • Develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Manage the master Engagement Review calendars for institutions and systems. 
  • Prepare and proofread letters, memoranda, reports, data summaries, charts and various other documents. 
  • Assist with the development of newsletters for Global Services.
  • Support logistics for meetings and professional learning activities.
  • Support the preparation, organization and dissemination of materials for professional learning events and departmental meetings.
  • Assist with accreditation certificates, letters and mailings. 
  • Assist and provide guidance with finances related to Engagement Reviews.
  • Work with the Senior Director on collection of fees from Global institutions. 
  • Monitor Global Services Email Inbox, in collaboration with other Global Services staff.
  • Manage logistics and data related to Regional Commissions.
  • Support and assist with Global Commission meetings. 
  • Assist in implementing the strategic plan.
  • Perform with high levels of integrity, initiative and tenacity. 
  • Perform tasks as assigned by the Senior Director.
Accountabilities, Characteristics & Competencies


Support the collection, validation and use of high quality data, information, and processes. 

  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical
  • Process oriented


Provide support and internal controls for contract, budget, strategic plan, and SOP management.

  • Articulate
  • Patient
  • Strong communicator


Provide facilitation and project management support for event planning, business development, contract management.

  • Strong time management
  • Organized
  • Resourceful


Provide logistical management and support for various aspects of the department’s operations including activities such as marketing and meetings.

  • Creative
  • Problem solver



  • Annual evaluation by supervisor of the degree and quality the Analyst met accountabilities, characteristics, and competencies as listed above.
  • Degree of attainment of any personal goals/improvement related to required accountabilities, characteristics, and competencies.
  • Degree of attainment of strategic plans, goals, objectives and initiatives.


Annual Travel Requirements

  • 15% annually



  • Bachelors degree in business and management or education preferred.


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