Mark Elgart, Ed.D.

Mark Elgart, Ed.D.

President and CEO

Professional background:

Dr. Mark A. Elgart serves as the founding president and chief executive officer for AdvancED. Elgart is an international leader dedicated to helping stakeholders make decisions and take actions to improve the quality of learning experiences for every learner. AdvancED drives education improvement through accreditation, research and innovation, policy and advocacy, and education technology solutions serving more than 36,000 institutions and 20 million students worldwide.

Elgart works closely with government agencies and other leading education-focused organizations to help establish the policies, strategic vision, and actions to propel and transform the learning experience so that every learner is prepared for the rapidly and ever changing global world.

Elgart’s professional experiences include several years as a mathematics and physics teacher as well as an administrator at the middle and high school levels including seven years as a middle school principal. Elgart earned a bachelor’s in mathematics from Springfield College, a master’s in education from Westfield State College, and a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts. Elgart is the author of numerous articles and whitepapers including Meeting the Promise of Continuous Improvement and Designing State Accountability Systems for Continuous School Improvement: A Call to Action.

Motivation comes from:

My motivation each and every day is driven by the possibility that my actions and contributions could positively impact the life of a child. As a parent and former teacher, I know from personal experience how in one special moment an educator can change a child for a lifetime.