Kenneth I. Bergman

Kenneth I. Bergman

Chief Legal Officer

Professional background:

Mr. Bergman serves as Chief Legal Officer for AdvancED and handles legal matters ranging from intellectual property; statutory, regulatory and legislative analysis; contract review and negotiation; and drafting of corporate and legal documents. He also provides advice and guidance on AdvancED corporate and accreditation issues, as well as training on a variety of Board and Governance issues. He is a former partner in the law firm Dreger, Coyle, Bergman, Pieschel & Reemsnyder, LLC and is well-versed in corporate law, employment law, intellectual property, real property, and civil litigation.

Mr. Bergman earned his Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Emory University. He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia (School & College Law, Corporate Counsel Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Property Law and Litigation Sections), Association of Corporate Counsel, and the American Bar Association.

Best Way to Learn:

I find that I learn best when I am in an environment where I can engage and work with others on a challenge or problem. The open discourse and free exchange of ideas that occurs when confronting a challenge oftentimes provides me with new ways of looking at and solving issues.