Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Classroom Opportunity: Creating a Personalized Learning Experience

Michael B. Horn and Meg Evans

At Santa Rita Elementary School in Los Altos, Calif., a scene unfolded in 2010 not too different from scenes in schools around the country. A fifth-grade student, Jack, started the year at the bottom of his class in math. He struggled to keep up and considered himself one of those kids that...

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Toward Teacher Evaluation that Promotes Professional Learning and Growth

By Angela Minnici

Most teacher evaluation systems being developed at both the state and district levels rely on a theory of action that implies evaluation is a powerful lever for improving teaching performance and ultimately student outcomes. Each evaluation system identifies essential teaching behaviors (often...

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Teaching for the Future: Creating the Teaching Profession that 21st-Century Students Deserve

By Barnett Berry

In America, the debates over teachers and their profession have been raucous, especially of late. But the struggles (over who enters teaching, how they are prepared, and how they are paid) are anchored in 20th-century policies based on 19th-century principles of student learning.


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The New Teacher Leader Model Standards: Teacher Leaders are Here, But Do Our Schools Know What to do With Us?

By Annice Brave, M.Ed.

Several years ago I was invited to address a group of participants in an Administrators’ Academy held at a local university. At the time I was president of a large school district union and was also one of the first National Board Certified teachers in my area. The instructor asked me to explain...

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