Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Perspectives from the Business Community: Preparing Students for Success in the Work Place

Does K-12 education impact students’ preparedness for the work force? Do businesses find that students are prepared to be productive when they first enter the work place?

Focused on the theme of Student Preparedness, AdvancED Source interviewed several business...

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Research Brief: Student Perceptions on Preparedness

By Heather Kinsey

Preparing students for life after high school is extremely important work, but how do schools know if the work they are doing is having the desired results? An incredible amount of time and energy is invested in the collection and analysis of assessment results and graduation/completion data,...

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CEO Message: Preparing Students for Their Success

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

One of the greatest challenges – and opportunities – that teachers, principals, administrators and superintendents face each and every day is preparing students for the future. How do we define student preparedness? For some, it’s being prepared to not only attend, but to graduate from a college...

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Something Old, Something New: What Teachers as Assessors Must Know and Be Able to Do

By Stuart R. Kahl, Ph.D.

A variety of factors and initiatives seem to be converging to create a “perfect storm” of reform in education. Dissatisfaction with American students’ performance on international assessments, concerns about U.S. global competitiveness, the state of the economy, and evidence that many high...

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Hericlitus and the Appraisal of Schools

By W. James Popham, Ph.D.

Hericlitus, a Greek philosopher (ca. 535-475 BCE), believed change was central to what transpires in the universe. An expression often attributed to Hericlitus, although there is no record of his having written or uttered it, is that “everything is in a state of flux.” More than 2500 years ago,...

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