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10 Great Ideas

Jim Carroll

This article summarizes 10 great ideas for organizations to transform themselves into an organization of growth and innovation. The article...

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AdvancED Accreditation: Standards for Quality, Standards for the Future

By Annette Bohling, J.D.

Each and every day, educators and administrators in educational institutions around the world seek new ways to help students reach their greatest potential. No longer are parents, communities or even students satisfied with minimum requirements. Educators and administrators must be prepared to...

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Leadership Opportunities: Feminine Educational Leadership in the Arab World

By Hiba Nashabe

A Story to Tell

In 2005, I was nominated to head Makassed / Khaled bin al-Walid al-Horj College (KBWH). Now just being a candidate to lead KBWH College, was an honor many principals of the 50 Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Association of Beirut (MIPA) Schools worked...

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A Student Perspective: Tomorrow’s Leaders Must Have Opportunity to Lead Today

By Austin Fuss

A Student Perspective

For the past 13 years I have been a student at a small independent school in St. Petersburg, Florida. Shorecrest Preparatory School has given me a top-notch education, provided me with amazing opportunities, and passed on life lessons, which have...

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