Educational Change

Educational Change

Beyond Numbers and Letters: The Need for a Balanced Approach to Prepare Students Pre-K and Up

By Jo Kirchner

The national conversation about K-12 education today seems to revolve around the holy grails of math and reading achievement. Schools are held accountable and graded by students’ test scores, and more and more classroom time is dedicated to drilling square roots and vocabulary, even as art and...

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The Power to Transform

By AdvancED

"The Power to Transform” is the bold theme of AdvancED’s 2011 International Summit, a theme designed to push our thinking about school system change from the notion of “tinkering around the edges” to implementing full-scale transformation on behalf of improved outcomes for students. In choosing...

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Staying in Touch with Societal Trends: Getting Students Ready for a Fast-Changing World

By Gary Marx

An interesting thing happened on the way to accomplishing our plan.

The world changed!

“Sustainability” is the word du jour. Unbelievably, some people still define “being sustainable” as “successfully defending the status quo.” To borrow alliteration from Thomas...

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