Educational Change

Educational Change

Using Digital Tools to Help Transform Schools

By Andrew A. Zucker, Ed.D.

The world changes amazingly quickly and schools need to change, too.  Among ourselves, we educators and policymakers discuss the transformation of schools, recognizing how great the changes in these institutions need to be.  Unfortunately the public does not like the term “...

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The Savvy School Change Leader

By Robert Evans, Ed.D.

To travel widely in good schools is to meet many talented, dedicated leaders who are in over their heads.  Not in terms of their skills but of their goals.  They are adept at running their institutions but swamped by their commitments.  They’ve embraced complex changes and lofty...

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CEO Message: Breaking Free to Transform our Schools

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D., President and CEO, AdvancED

Few can dispute the need to identify and act on opportunities to transform our schools and school systems for the 21st century learner. Is it easy? Never. Does it challenge some of our most talented educators? Often, yes. Are we confident in where the changes will lead us? Often not. Is it the...

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Redesigning Teacher Preparation Today for the Classrooms of Tomorrow

By Arthur Levine, Ph.D.

Seemingly everything about our schools is changing as America shifts from a national, analog, industrial economy to a global, digital, information economy–demographics, technology, curriculum, standards and testing. The skills and knowledge students need, as they compete for jobs with peers from...

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CEO Message: Who is Accountable for Student Success?

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

When discussing education today, it’s difficult to escape the topic of accountability. Educators and legislators alike have perspectives and priorities regarding accountability – from how to change the current system, to teacher evaluations, to measuring student achievement and to who is...

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