Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Technology Bringing Professionals and Students Together

By Brian Srikanchana

How can we realistically expect to transition away from a factory model of education when we’re still using factory measurements of success?

Although historically students have been evaluated heavily based on their GPA and test scores, a 21st century education can no longer be measured by...

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The Promise of Performance Assessment … and the Challenges

By Peter D. Hofman, M.B.A. and Stuart R. Kahl, Ph.D.

In all ages, whether digital or pre-digital, the measurement of student success must be driven by the education outcomes we value and the type of evidence that best demonstrates success. More than ever before, the time is ripe for performance assessment ... if we can overcome the challenges....

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Analyzing Results from AdvancED’s Classroom Observation Tool

Matt Dawson, Ph.D.

In 2012, the Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool™ (eleot™) became an integral part of both AdvancED® Accreditation and Diagnostic Reviews. Given the widespread use of eleot, the AdvancED research team has collected and analyzed data from more than...

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