Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

If You Want Better Collaboration Around STEM, Build Infrastructure

By Doannie Tran

The structure for collaboration between STEM teachers already exists at most schools. The most recent Teachers Know Best survey suggests that upwards of 68 percent of teachers have dedicated collaboration time with peers. However, the same data suggests that this time is not well...

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Systematic Change in Education Begins with a New Vision for Professional Development

By Stephanie Hirsh

In his now-classic book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge describes systems thinking as a “discipline for seeing wholes.” It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing patterns of change rather than static snapshots. “Systems thinking,” Senge writes, “...

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Case Study: Norris School District

By AdvancED


Norris School District, located roughly 12 miles south of Lincoln, Nebraska, serves over 2100 students in a rural setting.  The Elementary (PK-4), Middle (5-8) and High (9-12) schools are co-located within a 270-acre campus.  Student enrollment has...

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The Road to Meeting Individual Learners' Needs

By Patricia F. Deklotz

The charge to “transform the educational delivery system to better and more efficiently meet the needs of all students” has been the quest of the Kettle Moraine School District since I began serving as superintendent in this high achieving, blue-ribbon school system over five years ago. What is...

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Five Hallmarks for the School Culture You Want

By Sabrah Kingham, Ph.D. and Dustin Hebert, Ph.D.

Culture is reflective of people, environment, beliefs, and actions, often on a very small scale. Collectively, these are the elements that define culture, “the way things are done around here.” Regardless of how similar students, teachers, and schools may be, each and every school has its own...

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