Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Changing the Role of the State Education Agency (SEA)

America must be courageous and create a system of accountability that is not punitive but instead is learner centric and focused on continuous improvement. In this system, failure is an opportunity for learning and collaboration. Outside forces do not dictate action. Local improvement measures (...

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California’s Accountability System Shows the Way

Not long ago, California used test scores as a single measure to identify progress, but policymakers sought to eliminate the state’s Academic Performance Index (API) system. When lawmakers adopted a new funding system, the state contracted with a research organization to develop new measures and...

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Establishing a State Framework for Continuous Improvement Accountability

Instead of modifying or improving on existing systems, states should take the opportunity under the Every Student Succeeds Act to acknowledge lessons learned, wipe the slate clean and envision a forward-thinking education system.

Defining Purpose and Direction

To map out the...

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What a Continuously Improving System Looks Like

Key features include:

  • Learning supports (materials and professional development) for the continuous improvement of curriculum, teaching, assessment and student support strategies;
  • Information systems for keeping track of...
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What a Continuous Improvement Accountability System Needs to Do

Accountability systems should be designed to emphasize equilibrium, balancing school responsibility to do what states require with state responsibility to provide needed resources and support in schools.[7]


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