Case Study: Norris School District

By AdvancED


Norris School District, located roughly 12 miles south of Lincoln, Nebraska, serves over 2100 students in a rural setting.  The Elementary (PK-4), Middle (5-8) and High (9-12) schools are co-located within a 270-acre campus.  Student enrollment has...

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Say No to ‘Checklist’ Accountability

By Belle S. Wheelan and Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D.

Calls for scorecards and rating systems of higher education institutions that have been floating around Washington, if used for purposes beyond providing comparable consumer information, would make the federal government an arbiter of quality and judge of institutional performance.


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It's Time to Abandon Our Rube Goldberg Accountability Contraptions

By Mark A. Elgart, Ed.D. and W. James Popham, Ed.D.

A Rube Goldberg, according to Webster's Dictionary, is "a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation." We can see these contraptions in operation in school administration in the fetishizing of strategic planning, which has become something of...

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Classroom Opportunity: Creating a Personalized Learning Experience

Michael B. Horn and Meg Evans

At Santa Rita Elementary School in Los Altos, Calif., a scene unfolded in 2010 not too different from scenes in schools around the country. A fifth-grade student, Jack, started the year at the bottom of his class in math. He struggled to keep up and considered himself one of those kids that...

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Worth the Investment: Strengthening Teacher Evaluation in the Age of Accountability

Sabrina Laine, Ph.D. and Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt, Ph.D.

Teacher accountability in the United States is in a period of transformation. In July 2012, the 26th state received an Elementary and Secondary Education Act Flexibility Waiver, marking relief for more than half of the states from many of the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. In...

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