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Continuous Improvement System

  • Continuous Improvement System

Continuous Improvement System

The unspoken truth about continuous improvement is that it is an ongoing journey. Those who embark on the journey envision the destination they want to reach and are driven to go farther, driven to explore new and better ways of doing things, and driven to find solutions to daily challenges. Many institutions across the globe are embarking upon an Improvement Journey of their own, driven by a commitment to ensure all learners have the opportunity to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

The AdvancED Continuous Improvement System provides a comprehensive solution to guide and empower institutions through their unique and customized improvement journey. This solution includes a continuous improvement framework with proven processes, protocols and personalized professional services, as well as, a suite of research-based tools and resources aligned with the AdvancED Performance Standards and School/System Quality Factors. This aligned and interrelated suite of tools and resources are provided to institutions via AdvancED’s award-winning technology platform, eProve™, further empowering institutions to observe students in the learning environment, gather and analyze stakeholder feedback, diagnose areas of need and ultimately identify and implement evidence-based strategies and plans for improvement (coming later in 2017 and 2018).

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