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AdvancED Research

AdvancED Research

Housed in the Innovation Division, the AdvancED research team is committed to generating and applying knowledge to inform and impact education practice. Our research efforts: 

  1. Provide analytical support for all aspects of AdvancED's work, from psychometric reviews of current surveys and indexes of educational quality to advanced statistical analyses to support school improvement activities and...


A Call to Action: The Future is Now

Educational systems must provide a rigorous and robust quality education to every learner, from all walks of life, in order to prepare them to succeed in a constantly-evolving and diverse world. Our advocacy work builds on a commitment to unleashing the potential in all learners by driving education improvement through innovative and continuous improvement practices.

ARIN Network

AdvancED Research and Innovation Network

The AdvancED Research and Innovation Network (ARIN) provides opportunities for participating school systems to use data they already collect to identify new solutions focused on creating, implementing or sustaining effective practices. The Network will create a platform from which participating school systems can look for answers in their data and examine questions about, for example, effective teachers, effective...