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Diagnostic Review



A Call to Action: The Future is Now

Educational systems must provide a rigorous and robust quality education to every learner, from all walks of life, in order to prepare them to succeed in a constantly-evolving and diverse world. Our advocacy work builds on a commitment to unleashing the potential in all learners by driving education improvement through innovative and continuous improvement practices.

Diagnostic Reviews

Diagnostic Reviews

AdvancED Diagnostic Reviews are powerful. By making all of the realities of schooling visible—shining a light on both hidden flaws and unexpected strengths—we show schools where they stand and empower them to move forward.

Combining a powerful and inclusive Internal Review with a comprehensive, evidence-based External Review, our process uncovers root causes for underperformance, guides improvement actions and energizes the...

eProve eleot

eProve Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool® (eleot®)

Sometimes understanding the big picture involves looking beyond the obvious. Sometimes getting to the root of strengths and weaknesses in the classroom requires asking strategic, in-depth questions and hearing honest answers. Are students immersed in positive learning experiences? Are they connecting content to real-life situations? How do they react to classroom rules and...

eProve surveys

eProve™ surveys

Give Stakeholders a Voice

AdvancED surveys employ time-tested, research-based questions that produce useful, relevant results, empowering institutions to turn knowledge into practice.

Monitoring stakeholder perceptions helps institutions:

  • Engage stakeholders in continual communication
  • Use perception data for continuous improvement
  • Generate data and...