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A Call to Action: The Future is Now

Educational systems must provide a rigorous and robust quality education to every learner, from all walks of life, in order to prepare them to succeed in a constantly-evolving and diverse world. Our advocacy work builds on a commitment to unleashing the potential in all learners by driving education improvement through innovative and continuous improvement practices.

Learner-Centric Focus: Keeping Learners First

Tomorrow's education system will be characterized by a customized and highly personalized model of delivery where learners are able to access instruction anytime, anywhere.

Key Steps to Establishing a Learner-Centric Focus:

  • Expand the use of high quality data, evidence and information from multiple sources to drive dramatic improvements in teaching and learning.
  • Anchor all efforts in a comprehensive, research-based continuous improvement process.
  • Make a diagnostic review process an integral part of efforts to improve learning experiences, instructional delivery and overall educational systems.

Continuous Improvement: Meaningful Change

Now is the time to create an education system that empowers learners to take ownership of their educational journey, along with their educational providers, to successfully integrate new learning techniques and timely data usage in a manner that will materially drive improvement of all aspects of student and system performance.

High Quality Early Learning: A Solid Foundation

Strong foundations for young learners lead to long-term benefits. The AdvancED Standards for Quality Early Learning Schools embed high expectations for professional practice, incorporate 21stCentury skills related to early learning, and focus on developmentally appropriate growth and educational development of young children.

Adult Advocates: Critical Partnerships

Each step in education's journey is made easier when a learner has an adult advocate to help. Schools and systems with formalized programs that pair learners with adult advocates understand and appreciate the far reaching impact of such a relationship on a learner’s academic success, and also its impact on his social, emotional and physical well-being.


Designing State Accountability Systems for Continuous Improvement: A Call to Action
This paper provides education leaders and policymakers with an overview of the opportunities that exist under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for building state accountability systems that have continuous improvement at the core. This federal education law has the potential to pivot us toward a future that embraces real and sustainable improvement, thereby transforming the lives of millions of learners and their communities.
Consistent Improvement: Achieving Systems Coherence in a Data-Rich World
This paper provides education leaders and policymakers with an overview of the changes that need to be made so that data and information are used more effectively to ensure systems coherence and the success of each individual learner.
Meeting the Promise of Continuous Improvement. Insights from the AdvancED Continuous Improvement System and Observations of Effective Schools
This paper provides education leaders with a research-based overview of continuous improvement (CI). It outlines the history of CI as a discipline and explains some of the reasons why despite the common use of CI language and practices, school and system efforts often fall short. Then, it outlines the key components of an effective continuous improvement process in a school setting and introduces the AdvancED Continuous Improvement System, including its research-based elements and processes. Finally, observations of more than 250,000 classroom demonstrate strong relationships between effective continuous improvement and high performance. There is no one-size-fits all solution for school improvement. This research offers insights into what successful schools do well and where schools, even the highest performing ones, need to improve.
Diagnostic Review as a Key Element of Success: Enhancing Continuous Improvement and Improving Student Achievement
To achieve and sustain the levels of performance expected today, schools and school systems are embracing a strategic focus on continuous improvement. A sometimes overlooked, but critical, component of continuous improvement is meaningful diagnostic review.