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AdvancED Performance Standards

  • AdvancED Performance Standards

AdvancED Performance Standards

Continuous improvement, resulting in success for all learners, is the goal of every institution. While the Improvement Journey for each institution may look different, measures of quality for learning and instruction are ever present. The AdvancED Performance Standards support this cornerstone by providing a set of evaluative criteria that lays the foundation for improvement planning and implementation.

Based on rigorous research and best practices, the Standards are a powerful tool for transcending compliance, driving institutional transformation and accelerating improvement. AdvancED Engagement Review Teams will evaluate institutions using the AdvancED Performance Standards beginning in 2017-18. Use of these Standards will help institutions convert from an event-driven accreditation process where institutions were held accountable to the same evaluation expectations into a continuous improvement system where each institution can personalize and customize the experience based on their unique vision and long-term strategic goals and objectives.


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