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Institution Summary

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Name: East Valley Institute of Technology
Institution Type: Postsecondary   What is this?
District Name: East Valley Institute of Technology District # 401
Address: 1601 W. Main Street
Mesa, AZ  85201
Head of Institution: Dr. Sally E. Downey
Accredited: No
Initial Accreditation Date:
Certifications: None


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Accreditation Dates and Statuses

Organization Status
This status shows which categorization the institution has with the accrediting body.

Accreditation Status
This status indicates the current accreditation status for the institution.

Accreditation Date
This date marks the date of initial accreditation granted to the institution.

Accreditation Expiration Date
This date marks five years after the begin date of current accreditation term.

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Institution Type

AdvancED accredits five types of institutions. They are Schools, Districts, Education Service Agencies, Postsecondary Schools, and Corporations.

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Executive Summary

The Executive Institutional Summary PDF provides an overview of how the school perceives itself and what it is deliberating as it engages in the process of self-reflection for continuous improvement.

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