AdvancED and Measured Progress Merger: FAQs

AdvancED and Measured Progress Merger: Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this merger taking place?
AdvancED and Measured Progress are both mission-driven to improve education for all students. As the leaders of each organization scanned future goals and opportunities, they realized that they shared a vision of increasing their range and impact on learning. After an external review and recommendation to merge, the boards of directors of both organizations agreed that the companies can accomplish more together than each organization can do on its own. This conclusion was based on company capabilities and compatibilities, and on perceived market needs.

Measured Progress’s capabilities in psychometric research and student assessments, combined with AdvancED’s systems approach to continuous improvement, address many unfilled needs in the education field. Schools, districts, and states that want to make continuous improvement—rather than episodic improvement—can look to the new organization for comprehensive services that include not only diagnostics and interventions, but also formative and summative assessments that will deliver rich information about student and institutional performance and empower educators to make better decisions about what needs to happen next. Combining the two organizations’ talent, expertise, and solutions allows the new organization to drive continuous improvement for schools and students, and fill a gap in the market in which both organizations work.

In what ways are the organizations’ cultures alike?
The organizations share long histories of commitment to improving student learning, common visions of educational opportunities for all students, and like-minded cultures that emphasize service to the field and support for employees. Recognizing this, the boards felt that the process of merging the two nonprofits could be relatively seamless and painless.

How big a share of the school improvement market will the combined organization have? What is really unique about its offerings?
K-12 education is a huge industry. Many organizations develop and conduct student formative and summative assessments, provide specific interventions that improve teaching and learning, or help schools use data to plan and implement continuous improvement. The new organization is unique because it will be the nation’s only continuous improvement provider that is able to bring rigorous, standards-aligned student assessments together with robust data analytics that will offer a systems-approach to continuous improvement. Coming from two organizations that are already recognized as industry leaders and mission-driven nonprofits, this approach will have a significant impact.

A key characteristic of this improvement process is that it is school leaders and teachers who implement the process and make the decisions for next steps— not the organization. Rather, the organization provides the technology, tools, support, and professional development so that school leaders and teachers— working with other key stakeholders, including parents, communities, and students— can lead the way to implement needed improvements.

Is the merger final? What additional things will happen to launch the new organization?
The merger is nearly complete. Mark Elgart, the CEO and president of AdvancED will lead the new organization. Mark Elgart has a national reputation in school-focused continuous improvement and served on the Measured Progress board for seven years. Martin Borg, the CEO and president of Measured Progress, will remain on the Board of Directors and lead the new organization’s product strategy and development process, focusing on leveraging the core competencies of both organizations to create new products and services in support of the improvement network. Our legal teams are working to complete the process of officially establishing the new organization before the end of the year. By then we also expect to announce a new name for the organization.

How big will the new organization be?  
The merged nonprofit organization will have revenues greater than $120 million and more than 500 employees. It will serve approximately 28 million students—across every state and in 70 nations.

Will this change how the organizations operate?  
We will continue our current level of service to existing clients and contracts. Measured Progress will continue to deliver high quality large-scale assessments and services, as well as assessment solutions for districts and classrooms. AdvancED will continue its accreditation and continuous improvement services.

Where will the new organization be headquartered?
The new nonprofit organization will maintain corporate offices in Dover, N.H. and Alpharetta, Ga., with accreditation headquarters in Tempe, Ariz. and an international accreditation office in the Netherlands.