Corporation and Distance Education

Claudia Carter, VP for Accreditation
AdvancED Corporation and Distance Education Services
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Welcome to AdvancED accreditation for Corporations where we realize corporate leaders are faced with challenges that require visionary leadership and strategic solutions for today’s educational and business environments. AdvancED Corporation Accreditation provides corporations with the framework for successful organizational innovation. Our accreditation standards benchmark the capabilities necessary to sustain corporate-wide excellence, high student achievement, and continuous improvement. Contact us today if you want to learn more about Corporation Accreditation.

AdvancED serves distance education schools worldwide.  Our accreditation supports the mission and purpose of distance education schools in delivering high quality education to students through specialized instructional methodologies.  Also, AdvancED ensures that students of distance education schools benefit from the quality assurances that come with accreditation.

Claudia Carter
Vice President for Accreditation