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Introducing eProve™

a state-of-the-art productivity platform
for continuous improvement

Schools and school systems are complex ecosystems, where each piece of data, from assessments and transcripts to demographics and growth models, represent a distinct part of the whole. When it comes to improvement, educators must rely on the data to light a clear path from where they are to where they want to go.

The eProve platform aligns improvement efforts through six comprehensive elements that empower education institutions to make sense – and use of – their data, offering a valuable companion on the journey of continuous improvement.

eProve Solutions


Assemble and manage collaborative teams for engagement reviews.


Identify goals, define and monitor strategies and allocate resources to create workable improvement plans.


Synthesize, report and benchmark results accessing data across the entire platform.

EMPOWER education communities to ENGAGE each other as they EVOLVE to continuously create opportunities for every learner to succeed.

Creating a world of opportunities for every learner.
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