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Kimberly Leidgertwood

  • Kimberly Leidgertwood
Job Title: 
Vice President of Internal Communications

Favorite K-12 teacher:

My favorite K-12 teacher was my second grade English teacher, Mrs. Stewart. Her guidance and support laid the groundwork for what I would become in life. She fostered my love of writing at an early age and set me on the path to become a writer. I am profoundly grateful for her influence. I truly believe that without her, I might not have sought a career in Corporate Communications. She encouraged me to use my imagination and to make the words trapped in my heart come to life on paper—even if a few of the words were misspelled. I was only seven years old at the time! Under her tutelage, I wrote my first short story. I still have that story to this day, and I have never forgotten Mrs. Stewart. I encourage all students to embrace that one favorite teacher who sees future greatness within them and wants nothing more than each of their students following their dreams.

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